Investment Strategy
Investment criteria

Strategic Significance: It is of major economic and social significance to meet the strategic goals of national innovation-driven strategy and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Return on investment: Having sound business models, business processes and operations, with a significant market prospects, for an expectation to bring out-sized returns to our LPs;

Fund Requirements: It is in line with the specific requirements of each fund in terms of industries, regions and stage of project development.

Investment Management Process
  • 1
    Project development Project channels establishment
    Project information collection
  • 2
    Project approval Preliminary assessment of the potential investment value of the project to form a project report submitted to the Investment Committee for review
  • 3
    Project Assessment After the establishment of the project, the legal and financial due diligence will form an investment plan and submit it to the Investment Committee for consideration
  • 4
    Investment decision-making Investment Committee is responsible to make investment decisions
  • 5
    Post-deal Management We will track and manage our investment projects and provide value-added services
  • 6
    Exits Through the IPO, mergers and acquisitions, equity transfer and other diversified channels to realize value-added retreat.